Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Iphone Secrets : Your Iphone is tracking you... SECRETLY!!!

Just discovered something while browsing out via the Internet. And it's a bit shocking for someone like me who owns an Iphone. Apparently, Iphone is tracking where you are.


According to this site :, eversince IOS 4 arrived, Iphone is apparently tracking your location and storing it on a hidden file. Not sure what's this file for, but it seems clearly intentional as the database is being restored accross backups and even transferred to a new device when you happen to buy one and restore your apps on it.

Apparently, the location (longitude and latitude) plus timestamp is stored on a file called consolidated.db. It's a list of cell location, meaning it's a cell tower triangulation. Important thing to remember is that this is only stored on your device and computer and no way transmitted outside. But the main issue here is that : since this is also stored on your machine, it can be accessed by any running programs, which means it can be used to track your movements.


Please see more information here : and

Video is here :

If you want to test this, and you're using a mac, try this tools.

IphoneTracker from one of the researcher who found this -

From mac and I. Modified version of IphoneTracker that uses Google Maps -

For those using windows, read this :

This is what I get when I use the app.


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