Friday, September 29, 2017

Disk Management Error 0 during update of Mac OS High Sierra

When updating MacOS High Sierra, you may experience this issue, where a couple of hours, you will be presented with an error Disk Management Error 0.

This was what I did :

  1. Make sure you are connected to wifi or network.
  2. I restarted in Internet Recovery Mode by holding down Command+Option+R. On windows keyboard this is Windows Key+Alt+R
  3. This will take sometime so wait for it
  4. Once done it will take you back to normal recovery mode.
  5. Run First aid on the disk you want to install to.
  6. Click on your Main Disk where you want to install High Sierra then convert it to APFS (Edit -> Convert to APFS)
  7. Once converted, click on Reinstall MacOS.  It will prompt you to install High Sierra. Then proceed to install MacOS High Sierra.

All my files and applications are still there. And it worked. Well, do make sure you have a backup before attempting to install High Sierra.


  1. Excellent set of steps to resolve this issue. I did run into one problem after applying this process to get High Sierra working. For some reason my ethernet wired and wireless connections no longer worked. Other devices working on the network suggested the problem was isolated to High Sierra. But a simple PRAM reset (shut down, start, hold command-option-P-R keys until chimed restart) fixed that.

  2. i had this issue pop up every time i opened the software. i had started to think if something was wrong with my device. thank you for posting this it helps a lot

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