Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unemployment.. unequal opportunity for employment

What really astounds me is that simple things like this, takes a while for the government to take notice and yet they're too pre-occupied of willing willie.

E.g. This is a true  job-ad posted on one of the well known stores.

Wanted : Cashier. Single, Female 25 yrs and below, must be a graduate of 4 year course...

Notice anything here ?

1st. Why do a cashier, who earns a minimum amount, needs to be a 4 year course graduate ? Not that I'm demeaning it, but look at it this way. What is so special with being a cashier that you have to have a B.S. degree ? What's so different with a cashiering in Jollibee and with this store ? It's minimum wage so with someone witha degree, what does he get ? Can this job be opened up to non-grads as well ?

2nd. Why do a cashier has to be a Female ? Why cant a male do that ?

3rd. Why must it be 25 years and below ?

I think the government needs to take a look at how companies place they're ads and the discrimination in place. If you've been to Singapore or even U.S., and you buy on fast food, what is the percentage of older people serving you vs the younger ones ? 

What the ad is doing is removing away the opportunity for those who want to work but is old, male or non-grad but otherwise is able to do the same job. By removing this opportunity, you basically increase the gap between those who have and those who have not, so hard work does not make sense for those who have not because even if they work 3x hards than those who has, there's no way they can have something because there's basically no opportunity for them.

I think the government should look at this matter, rather than being to pre-occupied with surveys, with willing willie. Makes me sick why something so simple as this escapes the DOLE and DTI. They need to level the playing field for everyone.


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  2. Thanks Jazzie... Also, some jobs require you to be single yet being single or married does not really have anything to do with the job...

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