Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enabling JSF Editor on WTP for Eclipse Helios

Initially, I was thinng of using Jboss tools to develop jsf apps in eclipse. I didnt realize that Eclipse for Java EE, comes with WTP which can be configured to have a visual editor for eclipse.

Here is the instruction adapted from :

  1. You must use Eclipse Helios which has support for JSF 2.0. Download it at eclipse site.
  2. If you already have a project, right click on your project and choose properties.
  3. Go to Project Facets.
  4. Check Dynamic Web Module and use 2.5 as version
  5. Check java and choose 1.6
  6. Check Java Server Faces and choose 2.0201104170041.jpg
  7. Click on the "Further Configuration Available"
  8. Create a User Library and include the files jsf-api-xxx.jar and jsf-impl-xxx.jar (On my Eclipse, I used the files from GlassFish server which I have configured.201104170042.jpg
  9. Done.

Now if you open up a JSP File, you will see from the Web Editor that JSF Visual components are visible and can be used.


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