Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hospital then home then hospital... Havent logged in yet to office vpn... This week is tiring

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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Desk Setup - Logitech MK260 Keyboard, CD-R King KVM Switch and AON E2236VW LED Monitor.

Here's my setup : My Logitech MK260 is attached to the CD-R King KVM Switch with AOC e2236VW Led 21.5 inch Monitor as my secondary desktop to run Parallel Desktop Windows 7. They're all attached on MacBook Pro.

Logitech MK260 works good on MacOS X. It's a wireless combo that comes with a mouse. It's cheap in Philippines and will cost around 1750 pesos at Octagon. So I bought it when I was there.

AOC e2236VW monitor costs 7K+ at Asianic. It has a built in USB extension port so you dont need to connect anything on your PC but you can connect straight to your monitor. I bought it when I was there.

CD-R King KVM Switch was bought at 1450 PHP. So far so good. You need to press Scroll-lock twice then the number 1 for PC1 and 2 for PC2. Bought it when I was there.

So far so good. Here's the pic of my setup...


Friday, April 22, 2011

Apple releases Ibooks 1.2.2

Books 1.2.2

Apple quietly released iBooks 1.2.2 on the App Store Thursday.

The 14.9MB download includes a number of important stability and performance improvements, including:

  • Addresses issues playing video included with enhanced books from the iBookstore.
  • Resolves a problem where some books open with a different font than expected.
  • Makes iBooks more responsive when navigating books with many items in their table of contents.

From :

I used to be a user of Ibooks but I find them very slow and sometimes unresponsive, so I switched to an alternative called : Stanza. I use Calibre to sync my books with stanza. Stanza is more responsive and has a hell lot of features than Ibooks.

Anyway, you may go to Itunes store for an update.

Jeremy Renner for The Bourne Legacy ?

It seems that we have a new Bourne, in the personality of Jeremy Renner.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Itunes 10.2.2 update

Apple has just recently released an Itunes update 10.2.2. The following below are the fixes :

ITunes 10.2.2 provides a number of important bug fixes, including:
• Addresses an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad.

• Resolves an issue which may cause syncing photos with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to take longer than necessary.

• Fixes a problem where video previews on the iTunes Store may skip while playing.

• Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance.
iTunes 10.2 came with several new features and improvements, including:
• Sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.3.

• Improved Home Sharing. Browse and play from your iTunes libraries with Home Sharing on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.3.
For information on the security content of this update, please



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Iphone Secrets : Your Iphone is tracking you... SECRETLY!!!

Just discovered something while browsing out via the Internet. And it's a bit shocking for someone like me who owns an Iphone. Apparently, Iphone is tracking where you are.


Yahoo! Buzz closes down

Yap. Another service dies today from Yahoo. Yahoo! Buszz, a blog-related site from Yahoo! is pronounced dead today. This is the message :


Launched back on August 2008, it's purpose is to compete with Digg, which is also on its terminal stage.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SmartProtect on Android

It's been long since I've coded on mobile, but my next project would be to port SmartProtect for Android. I will give you updates while I'm doing it.

For now, I'm familiarizing coding on Android using Eclipse, concentrating on UI first. Anyway, here's one of the screenshot of the Password screen for SmartProtect.


Same features, more or less will be there and some additional. If you want to find out more about this software, which I created previously for Windows Mobile 6.5, check out :


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reposted : Configuring a new folder as a common shared library to deploy your shared libraries instead of using PortalServer/Shared or PortalServer/config

Ok, this is reposted from my article in Lotus Wiki :

If you are a developer on a company who has a strong development process in-place, you are normally asked to deploy the shared jar files on the PortalServer/shared or PortalServer/config directory. You may have wondered, if you can actually deploy your jar files and property files in a separate folder(s) instead of those above given directory. The answer is YES. Though, this is not documented anywhere I believe.
While on the course of the portal migration project, I encountered all custom portlets to have 3 shared libraries configured on each of them. The funny thing is that all of the shared libraries configured are the same for all of the portlets. This is actually a headache for me during migration as there are more than 100 portlets deployed and I don't expect myself to configure them one by one. So, what I did was to configure 3 new shared libraries BUT configure my Portal Server to see this Shared Libraries, rather than deploying my libraries under PortalServer/shared or PortalServer/Config. I didn't deploy the shared library on the PortalServer/shared or PortalServer/config folder as what IBM manuals normally says.
But instead, this JAR files are stored on a different directory, but whenever Portal loads, it knows that this jar files are to be loaded as shared library that is to be shared by all portlets. How ? Follow the below instructions. Note that this instruction is for WAS 6.1, but the same can be found on 5.1 and 6.0 though in a different way of doing it.

Enabling JSF Editor on WTP for Eclipse Helios

Initially, I was thinng of using Jboss tools to develop jsf apps in eclipse. I didnt realize that Eclipse for Java EE, comes with WTP which can be configured to have a visual editor for eclipse.

JBOSS Error - Visual Page Editor does not work on your Eclipse Mac OSX

If you receive this error when running Visual Page Editor from JBoss tools on Eclipse  : the error is due to a missing cocoa version of XUL runner as you can see in the following stacktrace Bundle org.mozilla.xulrunner.cocoa.macosx is not found.

then most likely, you have a Eclipse installed using 64-bit. JBoss tools currently works only on 32-bit Cocoa. Details are here :

So too bad for me, I need to use 32-bit Eclipse until such time that 64-bit is supported.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Developing Android Apps on Mac OS X

Ok, so I have a new Galaxy 551, which btw I rooted. (Have to use my parallel desktop to do that as it does not work on Mac even if I have mono installed). Click Read More to setup Android Development on OSX.

IOS 4.3.2 released

Apple has just release IOS 4.3.2 for Iphone. Please check your itunes by doing click on Check Update.

According to the update, this also fixes facetime blank issue. It also fixes an issue that prevented some international users from connecting to 3G networks on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.

It contains the latest security update, as according to the notes.


Sleeping now... Bye

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Sleeping now... Bye

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Using Resource Environment Provider : A replacement for application property files.

Most J2EE Applications and for that matter, any applications uses Property File to provide the properties and attributes to it's app. While this is fine and it works as expected, however, there are instances that you would like to store these properties on your underlying server and manage it from there. Example, in my current company where I work for, (and I believe this is also on majority of MNC's), if you have an application that comes together with a property file and you need to change the property file, Operations will normally require you to do the changes on dev copy and proceed it for re-deployment. Now, in-cases where processes are in-place for you to follow, this needs to go QA regression etc. Depending on schedule, this may take more than a day to implement.

To reduce this, you may use Resource Environment Provider instead of property files to store your properties, and then do a JNDI call to your app server to do get the values. These are possible for Websphere Application Server, Tomcat, etc. You just need to find how to do it in your application server.

The complete tutorial is in this link :

What you require :
1. A class that implements ObjectFactory
2. A class that will be used to call get and set values.

1. Create a class library that implements an ObjectFactory. Here's the source code of what I did.

2. Now create a AppConfig class that is called by the factory.

3. Go to your Websphere Application Server and follow the steps as shown below :

4. Create a new provider.

5.Click on your provider.

6. Click on Referenceables and click on New. Add the Factory Class (AppConfigFactory) and the Class (AppConfig) that we've just created.

7. Click on Apply and Ok. Then go to Resource Environment Entries and create a JNDI.

8. Choose on your referenceable the AppConfigFactory that we just created. After adding, click on the Custom Properties.

9. Add the properties you need, and click apply and ok.

10. Add a JSP file on your application such as the code below :

11. Run your application. You should see your properties viewed. Try changing the properties on the custom properties and restart your application. Once run, you will see the latest changes.

Additional note. If a property in Websphere Application Server has a word password on it, it is automaticaly XORed. I guess this is the default mechanism of Websphere Application Server, to provide atleast a minimum security.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unemployment.. unequal opportunity for employment

What really astounds me is that simple things like this, takes a while for the government to take notice and yet they're too pre-occupied of willing willie.

E.g. This is a true  job-ad posted on one of the well known stores.

Wanted : Cashier. Single, Female 25 yrs and below, must be a graduate of 4 year course...

Notice anything here ?

1st. Why do a cashier, who earns a minimum amount, needs to be a 4 year course graduate ? Not that I'm demeaning it, but look at it this way. What is so special with being a cashier that you have to have a B.S. degree ? What's so different with a cashiering in Jollibee and with this store ? It's minimum wage so with someone witha degree, what does he get ? Can this job be opened up to non-grads as well ?

2nd. Why do a cashier has to be a Female ? Why cant a male do that ?

3rd. Why must it be 25 years and below ?

I think the government needs to take a look at how companies place they're ads and the discrimination in place. If you've been to Singapore or even U.S., and you buy on fast food, what is the percentage of older people serving you vs the younger ones ? 

What the ad is doing is removing away the opportunity for those who want to work but is old, male or non-grad but otherwise is able to do the same job. By removing this opportunity, you basically increase the gap between those who have and those who have not, so hard work does not make sense for those who have not because even if they work 3x hards than those who has, there's no way they can have something because there's basically no opportunity for them.

I think the government should look at this matter, rather than being to pre-occupied with surveys, with willing willie. Makes me sick why something so simple as this escapes the DOLE and DTI. They need to level the playing field for everyone.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Visual Studio on Parallel Desktop : Failed to start monitoring changes to 'Z:\....'

Ok. So you're trying a VM called Parallel Desktop and trying to run your Visual Studio (2010/2008) with the solutions stored on your HD. For the rest of you, the VM Parallel Desktop allows you to access the data on your Mac via Network Share automatically.

So you hit this problem :

Failed to start monitoring changes to 'Z:\....'

What happened ? Why it didn't work ? Where did you put my cheese ?

Well the reason it didnt work is because Visual Studio (or the ASP.NET Worker process) monitors your web.config file for changes. I think this only happens if you use the default web server that comes with Visual Studio. I haven't tried IIS but I believe this will not happen. This seems to be an issue more on security where the process is requesting to access that drive. But since access on the folder from your mac to the VM may not be an option to configure (maybe hard, not sure but I decided not to follow that path), the next thing you can do is to disable the file change notification.

  • On your windows, open up your registry editor by going to regedit.
  • For 64-bit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\ASP.NET
  • For 32-bit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ASP.NET
  • Create a Dword called FCNMode and assign a value of 1.
  • Restart your machine.

Here's hows my registry looks like.


Here's my VSStudio 2010 on MacOSX with my DesignsPattern solution open.


Running this :


No Errors..


Saturday, April 9, 2011

ASP.NET for Coders in C#

I've started a small tutorial blog for those who wants to learn ASP.NET and C#. It's at : ASP.NET for Coders in C#.

I will add other learning blogs for Ajax Patterns, Java and perhaps, while I'm learning Iphone Dev, will write what I've learned so far as well.

I will also write some important notes to remember which I've written on my Evernote.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Iphone dev

Iphone dev... Here we go...

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Saw JC Principe and manage to talk to him... Wow should emulate him really... Saw his info on linked in and he already has a lot of accomplishment.. Why, oh why i feel so slow now....

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pedestrian Lanes

This is a question that's been on my mind. In the philippines, Why do people stop and give way to cars whenever they cross pedestrian lanes ? Shouldnt it be the other way around ? And why do cars expect people to give way to them whenever people are crossing these lanes ? Dont you think that these are major contributor to jay walking (hell it does nt make any difference anyway, you still have to wait for thw cars to cross the lane) which results also to some
Major accidents ?

Rocky the azkal dog

You looking at me ???

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