Monday, April 25, 2011

My Desk Setup - Logitech MK260 Keyboard, CD-R King KVM Switch and AON E2236VW LED Monitor.

Here's my setup : My Logitech MK260 is attached to the CD-R King KVM Switch with AOC e2236VW Led 21.5 inch Monitor as my secondary desktop to run Parallel Desktop Windows 7. They're all attached on MacBook Pro.

Logitech MK260 works good on MacOS X. It's a wireless combo that comes with a mouse. It's cheap in Philippines and will cost around 1750 pesos at Octagon. So I bought it when I was there.

AOC e2236VW monitor costs 7K+ at Asianic. It has a built in USB extension port so you dont need to connect anything on your PC but you can connect straight to your monitor. I bought it when I was there.

CD-R King KVM Switch was bought at 1450 PHP. So far so good. You need to press Scroll-lock twice then the number 1 for PC1 and 2 for PC2. Bought it when I was there.

So far so good. Here's the pic of my setup...



  1. Wow.. I have the same keyboard.. but I have not been able to connect it to my MacBook Pro!! How did you manage to do that? I basically gave up and thought it only works with PCs. I'd love to know!

  2. I just got this combo free from purchasing a printer. It works on my macbook as well. Just that I can't really change the keyboard shortcuts in system preferences. Was googling when I saw this. If you've any idea, do let me know! Thanks!

  3. Was about to buy the keyboard for my mac mini, glad to see it works with OS X