Sunday, September 10, 2017

What's Up ?

Hi Guys, It's been a while since I have posted. It's been like what ? 3 years ? Much has happened actually since then.

 For starters, I have moved on to another company which specializes on Brokering on Online Gaming. So far, it has been enjoyable. The challenges are tough but manageable. Furthermore, I only go to office 3x a week and 2x a week is done at home. Well, I also do OT work still but mostly if there are issues.

 On Programming front, I'm mainly focused on Threads, Performance of an app, down to the nitty gritty detail of memory allocation and performance of each thread. This is because the product we have really requires performance.
 We have also extended the product by providing both WebAPI and Mobile. I plan to add Push capability on WebAPI and improve on client satisfaction and memory footprint of the product. There is a lot to improve on that and hopefully we can get it done this year.
 We have moved from PokeIn to WebSocket so that one is out of the picture. We also plan to introduce Redis caching as a form of data broker between each component but we are still looking at how it would perform on a very peak transactional period.

 On my personal development, I have worked on SmartProtect Anti-Theft for Mobile on Android and its already released. yehey, do download them guys in this link : SmartProtect Anti-theft I'm thinking of learning more on Swift. Probably I need to write something to learn on this. What do you think guys should I write ?

 I'll probably start with that and go and do that during my free time. So that's it. Just saying hi to you guys !!. Thanks!!


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