Tuesday, September 26, 2017

macOS High Sierra Update stuck at Calculating Time

I was installing the latest update of macOS High Sierrra and I got stuck at Calculating time. It seems to stuck and not moving. This was what I did to recover and  update to High Sierra without losing my data. I am using Mac Mini but this seems applicable to other maca as well.

  1. I turned off my Mac
  2. I restarted my Mac on recovery mode by holding down Command and R. On windows keyboard this is Windows key and R. Hold it down until it boots in recovery mode.
  3. Make sure you are connected to wifi or network.
  4. Go to Disk Utility and run the First Aid for Macintosh HD. It may take long at checkibg catalogs so I just waited for it.
  5. I restarted in Internet Recovery Mode by holding down Command+Option+R. On windows keyboard this is Windows Key+Alt+R
  6. This will take sometime so wait for it
  7. Once done it will take you back to normal recovery mode.
  8. Select Reinstall a copy of Mac OS. It will take quite a while. This will install High Sierra
  9. After completing the process it will restart and do it again. 
  10. Once done you are now in High Sierra.


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