Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've switched to VMWare Fusion because of Portability with VMWare Player

Ok, so Parallel Desktop is faster than VMWare Fusion. Given this fact, I've decided to switch to VMWare Fusion. Reason is : Portability and Cost.

I need my VM to work on Windows as well. Meaning that the VM that I created, I should be able to run on my office PC. Ofcourse, because its a property of the company that employs me, I cant possible buy a Parallel Desktop for Windows and install it there. And granted that I cant, I need to be cost conscious as well.

While Parallel seems faster than VMWare, VMWare is not bad at all when running on MacOSX. It does not hang my Mac and I can run it really side by side. On my experience, VMWare works for me, though ofcourse, because I'm running it professionally to work on my Visual Studio and others that I need which can be run only on Mac, I don't need those 3D acceleration, themes etc. so I did a tweak on my Guest OS. And after that, the difference is really not noticeable at all, in-fact it seems to be like I'm running Parallel.

I tried running my Guest OS on VMWare player and it works flawlessly. So this means, wherever I go, I can bring my VM and use that to work on anything.

Cost. VMWare Player is free. Going with Parallel means I need to Parallel on Mac and Windows which will cost me 200 dollars vs VMWare which costs me 79.99 (only Fusion). That's a big difference.

Also, I read on forums that upgrading Parallel actually costs you, while on VMWare, I can have a major version without a cost on me since I've subscribed on their 19.99 dollars subscription for 12 months. Since there's a talk of VMWare Fusion 4, that is a big savings for me. (I will save 39.99 dollars)

So there, reason why I moved to VMWare Fusion.