Friday, August 22, 2008

Websphere Technical Conference 2008 : Singapore

Hi Guys. I attended the Websphere Technical Conference 2008. This is my second conference in a row (from 2007). Anyway its a very good, except that the number of people who attended the conference are not a lot. It seems few this year.

There are a lot of speakers this year, most of them are good except for handful. Actually, if you ever attended this type of conference, you will know who is good and who is bad speakers ? How ? by looking at the attendance. If you see that there are not a lot of people attending his speech, he's not good. Well, I did prove it before and I've proven this again.

Some of those who I really enjoy speaking for this event are :

  1. Ernese Norelus - Very funny and Engaging but very witty and smart as well. Hope all speakers can have his wittines

  2. Kevin Tobin - He's a security expert when it comes to securing your WAS. He knows his stuff very well. Well, he asked the rest of the class if anyone wants to take on him and he claims that he can get all the password and secret stuff on your computer using a USB drive. I did almost did that, but I was thinking of putting a Virus on my machine and make my Windows Vulnerable so it can infect USB Drives, which would in-turn infect his USB drive if he attached on my machine ... hehehe just kidding..

  3. Raymon Josef Edward A. Lara - He's very good. A former professor, he knows how to engage and speak his stuff very well. He can communicate very well and he can make you listen to his topic and teach you and make sure you understand him.

  4. Rachel Reinitz - She knows ESB very well.

  5. Colin Tai - His topic is very engaging and you will learn more than meets the eye on Project Management

I believe the rest are good as well and perhaps I just didn't go to their sessions. But anyway, don't worry. There's always next year.. hopefully my company gets to send me again..:)

One of the things I like with this conferences is the free certification program that they have. You can take the exam without paying, though limited to 3 per person.

here are some pictures of the event :

And because I was one of the Top 3 Scorers for SOA Certification exam, I got this free gift :)

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