Friday, August 15, 2008

New Toys : Kaspersky 2009 and Logitech Nano Cordless V450 Part 1 (Introduction Kaspersky 2009)

I just went to Funan IT Mall this afternoon and was strolling around to unwind and to de-stress myself. This is what I normally do to relax myself. I'm not sure but the sight of those shiny gadgets, shimmering with their beauty and appeal really soothes my soul. Anyway, I was browing here and there and I notice a new anti-virus version of Kaspersky 2009. I recently read that Kaspersky are among those top anti-virus out there. From what I read, these are the top anti-virus for paid versions :

  1. Avira Anti-virus Premiums - Which I'm currently using on my home laptop. It has a very good heuristics and quite fast and very "silent" that you won't even know its running.

  2. NOD32 -never used but heard its very good

  3. Kaspersky Anti-virus - heard has the top notch detection signatures but not that good heuristics.
I always check AV-Comparatives (See for more news on securities and AVs.
I was thinking of changing my work laptop's anti-virus. I'm currently using my own, which is Bit-Defender 2008 but it currently is very slow though quite powerful. But I have this problem where it always hangs my machine for 10 seconds when it's checking my incoming emails for viruses and its quite annoying. To make the matter worst, when I enable HTTP Scanning, my browsing is super duper slow. So I decided to buy this Kaspersky 2009 and give it a try. Well here's the package :

The back package (note the 28 dollars tag price, not so expensive, cheaper than Norton 360 or Norton AV)

Let's talk about my new anti-virus first. Well it's straightforward, but before anything, things that I found out about Bit Defender and Kaspersky during installation

  1. After uninstalling Bit-Defender, make sure you run this tool : BitDefender_Uninstall_tool.exe found at . This is to make sure that every items that BitDefender requires and installed such as registry or any hidden things are removed.
  2. When installing Kaspersky, it will ask you to remove Comodo Firewall. But not to worry, it may warn u that comodo is incompatible but it is actually compatible. You just need to unisnstall comodo and install it back AFTER installing kaspersky.

Manage to uninstall and install the kaspersky and it is much more faster now. In-fact, when I downloaded my emails, I dont feel the slowness. I did a scan and one thing that I liked with this product is it shows vulnerability of the software installed on my machine and the fixpack required. It is not a virus but a vulnerability or exploit if the software is left unpatch. See the following screenshots :

Right-click and click on Go To Description :

Redirects you to this page :

That's cool. it means that this software can detect vulnerabilities on my machine which most Anti-virus I've come with does not. What's the good thing on this ? It helps you close holes and exploits on your installed applications such as Office, Internet Explorer etc.

Speedwise, its speedier and faster than my old Bit Defender. I have not fully explored yet but what I can say is I'm quite happy with it so far. Here are the other screenshots of the Kaspersky AV

See you on next part for the review of my logitech mouse.

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