Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Migration Story : Migrating from Websphere Portal 5.1 to 6.1 Part 3

Click here for part 2

After testing the migrated portal to 5.1, we're ready now to migrate to 6.1. Since the servers are located in different environment, I have to dump the 5.1 and then import it to the 6.1 server.

First of all, do the following first BEFORE migrating :

  1. Install Portal
  2. Enable your security to the same backend LDAP of which your previous server is authenticating. If it's a different LDAP, make sure that the LDAP branches (usersand groups) are the same as your previous LDAP.
  3. Install your target database server.
  4. Do the database transfer.
  5. Install the following fixes on your 5.1 environment : PK27753 PK28148 PK29999 PK30718 PK31425 PK32194 PK32211 PK32556 PK32626 PK34624 PK39530 PK42729 PK44723 PK47799 PK48653 PK53001 PK62044 PK63553 PK64160 PK40171
  6. If there's any RSS Portlet for 5.1, update it with the latest version.
  7. If portal 5.1 has deleted pages, ensure that you use the deleted cleanup service. Check the information center.
  8. If you have deleted users or groups, Deregister the users and group. Follow the procedures in Websphere Portal 5.1information center.
  9. stop and start your portal 5.1 to test.
  10. Considering that you have installed an HTTP Server, kindly change back the WpsHostPort to port 9081 instead of 80.
  11. Edit the file soap.clients.props and change the settings of to a higher number than 180. (Suggests is to increase to 1800).
  12. Run WPmigrate with the portal-pre-upgrade task on Websphere Portal 5.1 from the CD_root/migration/portal_migration directory on the WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 6.1 Supplements CD. This CD comes with WebSphere Portal and can be used on either Windows or UNIX. Run by executing below :

    WPmigrate.bat portal-pre-upgrade -DbackupDirectory=dirname -DcurrentPortalDirectory=dirname -DcurrentPortalAdminId=adminid -DcurrentPortalAdminPwd=adminpassword -DDbPassword=dbpassword -DGroupExport="true"

    Where :

    backupDirectory - The directory where data from the earlier server will be stored for subsequent use with the portal-post-upgrade task. If this directory does not exist, the portal-pre-upgrade task creates it. For example, if you specify mybackup, the migration task stores the data under the mybackup directory.

    currentPortalDirectory - The directory where the earlier portal server is installed.

    currentPortalAdminId - The administrator ID for the earlier portal server. This value is not required if it is already specified in the file on the earlier portal server.

    currentPortalAdminPwd - The administrator password for the earlier portal server.

    DbPassword - The DBMS user password for the earlier portal server. Specify this property value in the command line only if the property is not already specified as follows :

    In WebSphere Portal V5.1.0,,,,, or, the property value is specified in the file, next to the property name DbPassword.

    In WebSphere Portal V6.0.1.1 or later, the property value is specified in the file, next to the property name release.DbPassword.

    All other database properties must be specified in the properties file.

    GroupExport - This is optional. On my part, since it's integrated with LDAP, I didn't need to export the group. No errors occurred. This exports groups from the earlier version when the value is set to true. This property is set by default to false.

  13. Once run, check the allout.xml file to see the results.
If an Out of Memory condition occurs during the export process, see Technote 1299190 for additional instructions.

That's it for exporting. Next will be importing to the 6.1 environment


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