Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Windows Mobile Development. How to send SMS and call via emulator

Well, this is a tip that will be useful for developers on Windows Mobile World, especially those that are developing SMS Interception software or those who are interested in developing RIL.

Would it be good if, when developing the SMS Interception software or call interception software, to test it out without buying a new phone ? Like maybe sending an SMS on your Emulator to test if your software is able to interecept the sms ?

Well, now its possible. It took me a while to find out but I would like to share with you guys. Windows Mobile 6 SDK (and perhaps Windows Mobile 5) has the facility to allow you to test your software which requires interaction and manipulation of phone calls, SMS or even test your GPRS functionality without incurring cost. This is called a Cellular Emulator. How do we use that ?

Well its simple. Just follow the steps here :

1. Open your Cellular Emulator by going to Start -> Programs -> Windows Mobile 6 SDK -> Tools -> Cellular Emulator

2. At the toolbar, see the DE: ? This is the COM Port number that your emulator will be interacting. Launch your emulator

3. Once launched, you will notice that the radio is off. So go to File -> Configure -> Peripherals

4. At the Peripherals tab, type in COM4 on the Serial Port 0

5. Soft reset your emulator by going to File -> Reset -> Soft

Voila!!!. Once restarted, you can now send SMS to your phone.

Now you maybe wondering, what is the phone number of you Phone. To know the phone number assigned to your phone, go to the Cellular Emulator and Go to SMS Tab. The phone number assigned to your phone is there.

Notice at the Call Manager tab and at the Preset Number option ? These are the numbers assigned to a Call Behaviour, Say if you call 727024, the emulator will emulate Busy phone.

Hope this was useful.


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  2. I am currently trying to do this however in my Cellular Emulator the port listed (in the bottom left corner near the "DE:") reads "COM9". However, in the Peripherals tab of the port "COM9" is not available. Any thoughts?